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You’re looking to elevate your visual identity and digital presence to the realm of more. More amazing first impressions, more engagement, and more inquiries.

Whether you have a vision in mind or don’t know where to start, we can help you iron out the details and build a memorable brand identity. One that fills you with pride, speaks to your ideal client, and draws customers to your door.

Our mission is about more than creating pretty things (although we love those too)—it’s about setting you and your business up for success in the long term. It’s about making sure you’re confident in every piece of marketing collateral and every client interaction.

It’s about building something you love and trust to represent your business.

Quotation Mark.


Hiring The Girl Brand for my brand and website was the best decision I ever made for my business. Cassandra developed a brand identity that reflects the Hug & Quiche story perfectly, and translated our brand into a beautiful website that does everything we need it to. Within 24 hours of launching, I had a 500% increase in my email subscribers, and received endless compliments on the look and usability. I can't recommend The Girl Brand highly enough!

— Marisa, Hug & Quiche
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