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Hey there, I'm Cassandra Ewert!

An entrepreneur, designer, photographer, and sassy web-nerd who doesn't back down from an exciting challenge (or chocolate). I also call myself an artist, a baker, and a candlestick maker. Kidding about that candlestick part, but the rest is true.

About Me: The Good Stuff

I have a degree in graphic design, a certificate in web design, and a background in healthcare. The healthcare part comes from doing the sensible thing for the first half of my twenties; by which I mean going where the job security was. The design degrees are a result of throwing caution and my dissatisfaction with a non-creative lifestyle in the trash and jumping feet-first into my passion and dreams. I haven't looked back.

Most days you can find me snuggled up in bed or kicked back on the couch while I work because I think it’s comfier than a desk. Plus, my desk is forever covered in books and other biz papers. It just seems like so much effort to move them all the time, especially since I'm currently limited on space and have nowhere for it to permanently live. The space where I could put it is occupied by my photo studio. Having a dedicated photography corner is more important to me than some desk...

Other than being a workaholic (I love what I do so much, I can't stop), I’m most well-known for being a clutz. My parents actually nicknamed me Grace (ironically, obviously) and say I trip on dust. I’ve been telling them for years that the floor is reaching up and tripping me on purpose, but I don’t think they buy it. To give you some perspective, I once detached a ligament in my foot by standing up from sitting on my bed. It was this whole thing where I had to wear one of those clunky boots for a month. Good times.

My biggest passions in life are art, photography, books, and knowledge. And animals. Design, of course. Plus, figuring out cool new ways to do stuff with Wordpress. And helping people with chronic illness. And my main love, coffee. Oh, who am I kidding? I clearly love chocolate more than coffee. Mmm, chocolate…

Sorry, I'm back... In my not so spare time, I give back to the lupus and chronic illness community. Mainly through LupusChick. It’s a great support community for lupus and other chronic illness warriors, and I spend time helping the business and non-profit side grow through my design and website skills. It's a way for me to combine my past healthcare experience with my design career and business. Plus, it's fun.

The Biz Stuff

I work with unstoppable women—entrepreneurs, creative business owners, and ambitious bloggers—to build the brand and biz of your dreams.

I’m not a business coach, but many of my end results are the same. If you’re new to business, chances are you can’t even see all the parts of your brand you need, let alone how to use them to the best advantage. I have no desire to slap together your brand or website and send you off into the wild, only to see you struggle to put it all together.

Instead, my mission is to inspire you to see the possibilities, realize your true value, and build a brand strategy centered around you. I believe that a brand should be an extension of your true self so it’s easier to tell your story. In this digital world we live in, people want authenticity. And you can only achieve true authenticity by being transparent about who you are deep down. I don’t mean telling the world your embarrassing stories (although those make for good conversations), I mean being the same person in your business that you are in your living room, and not being scared to show it.

To that end, I develop brand strategies that combine your business goals with your personal traits to give your brand a human side. People want to feel connected to you before they buy from you, and that's my goal. Business is no longer Business to Business or Business to Consumer, it's Human to Human. So I help you make your business more human.

Beyond that, I’m determined to make sure that you know exactly how and when to use every piece I create for you. Otherwise, it’s just a pretty design that someone created. I want you to walk away from working with me and feel like you can take on the business world and come out a superstar.

Want to know more?

If you’re dying to hear more about me,
here are my Top 5 Worst-Kept Secrets:

  1. I used to think I’d be a professional painter, but my mom convinced me there wasn’t a future in it. I’m grateful now, because if I’d gone that route, I wouldn’t be doing this. And I’m so much better at this than I ever was at painting. #truth
  2. Before I was a year old, I took a header down a flight of stairs in my walker. I was chasing the cat, and it earned me seventeen stitches in the middle of my forehead. Here, kitty kitty…
  3. In highschool I won a scholarship to a week-long summer art camp program. My school didn't have a photography program, so I took the darkroom photography class. Since then, I’ve been obsessed with photography and still plan to incorporate it into my business some day. And to install a darkroom in my basement. I don’t care how many people say film is dead, I’ll never believe it!
  4. Everyone knows Wisconsin is dairy farm land, but most Wisconsinites have never stepped foot on a farm. Not me. I grew up going ‘up north’, and our neighbors up there ran a dairy farm. I’ve milked more cows than you could shake a stick at. Maybe that’s why I don’t like milk anymore?
  5. I own an outrageously high number of Disney & Pixar movies for an almost-thirty year old woman who doesn’t have kids. And I watch them. It reminds me of being a little kid and hanging out with my brothers while we fought over which movie was next. Those were the days. #siblingrivalry

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