My client onboarding process used to be a mess. Yes, really.

People would come to my site, fill out a basic contact form (that didn’t ask any important questions), and wait for me to respond. Meanwhile, on my end, I was juggling my in-progress projects, my various admin duties for my own biz, and stressing out about responding to every inquiry that came in in a timely manner.

Especially notable from this time are the inquiries that would come in on Friday nights while I was on my way to my parent’s property in the middle of Wisconsin. It’s beautiful, relaxing, and has no internet.

What was I supposed to do? Wait until Monday to respond? They might’ve gone and found someone who was hovering over their computer ready to reply instantly. (People are impatient, yo!) I usually responded back right away with an email that I was on vacation, but I could send them my Intro Packet and we could discuss things next week (only more engaging and personal, obvi).

About half the time, I never heard from that person again.

Running a biz online can be a funny thing. You get some people who want to draw the decision to hire out over a couple weeks (or sometimes months). Those are the people who responded well to my Intro Packet and email that I’d be out until Monday. But then, you also get the impulse buyers: the people who make decisions quickly and want to get the process started immediately; those who don’t want to wait until Monday to start the conversation. Those are the people I never heard from again.

As a business owner, you know leads who’ve gone cold are one of the most frustrating things. They’re an opportunity lost, and I don’t know about you, but I always wonder if the lost ones were the ones with the project opportunity of a lifetime. Silly, I know, but as a biz owner, we have weird thoughts like that. No? Just me? Alright then..

Now, I knew there were better ways to manage your clients, but being relatively new to the entrepreneur/small biz ranks, I didn’t know where to start. Until my friend Anastasia mentioned something.

Introducing: Dubsado. My #1 Biz Game Changer

Anastasia mentioned Dubsado, her CRM (Client Relationship Management). Dubsado tracks your clients and contacts, keeping all their information and your correspondence in one place, so you can easily find where you left off in the process.

If that was all it did, it wouldn’t be that big of a selling point. But let me quickly tell you the rest.

  1. Dubsado was built by creatives, for creatives.
  2. They’re constantly rolling out new features that the community suggests and asks for.
  3. You can send and sign contracts, easily. No more PDFs that your clients don’t know how to sign and return without printing them out and mailing them back.
  4. Invoicing and payment is all handled within Dubsado, so you don’t have to log in and out of Paypal to send every invoice. Oh yeah, and Dubsado is integrated with Paypal, Stripe, and Square, which are tracked and deposited automatically.
  5. All of your questionnaires can be built and sent through Dubsado, and are then recorded in your client portal for both of you to see. Even your contact form on your website can be built in Dub and embedded on your site. Check out mine!
  6. And yeah, you read that right, client portals. Your clients can log in to their portal and see every questionnaire or email you ever sent. No more excuses of “I must not have gotten that email.” Because they did. And it shows you when they viewed it. So there.
  7. Automated workflows that send emails magically when clients complete milestones.
  8. Tons of email, questionnaire, and contract templates for you to use as a starting point when building your processes (and let me tell you—these are GOLD).
  9. Beyond that, you can create and track your to-do lists, bookkeeping, time tracking, calendar, and SO MUCH MORE.
  10. And finally, the community. They have a Facebook group where you can interact with all the other Dub addicts, as well as the founders. Get answers to your questions, ask for cool new stuff, and keep updated on what’s new. It’s pretty cool in there!

I don’t want to overwhelm you with all the features, because there is A LOT that Dubsado can do. Honestly, it’s a game changer.

Remember how I told you about the people disappearing while I was out of town? That doesn’t happen anymore.

With Dubsado, I set up the inquiry form embedded on my site. Potential clients fill that out, and they’re emailed a proposal. This proposal lists all my packages and pricing, which the client can select from. Then, they’re redirected to my contract to make everything legal, and immediately after that, they see the invoice for their down payment, which they can pay right then.

All of this means that I don’t have to worry about the impulse buyers losing interest because of a lack of action. They get to commit and feel that excitement RIGHT NOW!

That’s how Dubsado has changed my biz. That’s why it’s the number one resource I recommend to any and all creative entrepreneurs.

Why you should sign up

The most beautiful thing about Dubsado is that they have a trial period. You can test out their entire system on three clients. For free.

Even better, if you sign up using the referral code “thegirlbrand” — you’ll get 20% off if you decide to go premium. Win. And yes, that’s an affiliate code. If you sign up with my code, I get a free month of Dubsado. #sorrynotsorry

But anyway, here’s a little incentive for you to sign up sooner rather than later…on August 1st, pricing goes up from $20 a month to $25 a month. If you sign up now, you’ll be locked in at the lower rate for life. Another win.

And for those of you who don’t like monthly fees, they have a yearly rate ($200), and a lifetime rate ($700). You really can’t lose.

So basically, you should sign up for Dubsado. My #creativeclique and I (aka my mastermind, aka my biz besties, aka my partners in joy) are all about that #dubsadolife. We’re even considering getting that hashtag tattooed on our office assistants to prove it. Just kidding. We’d never hurt our assistants.

BTW…our office assistants are our dogs. Yep.