Let’s be honest: when we’re loaded down with client work, our own business housekeeping tends to take a back seat. Who has time to think about marketing or finances when we have ten thousand articles to write, a gazillion orders to fill, or enough phone calls to make it to next month?

The reality is that we need to make biz housekeeping a priority—because what if we look up after that last order and discover we’ve been MIA from our biz for over a month? Not good.

Why a Business Housekeeping Day is Helpful

  1. You can clear your mind from the daily confusion. We totally get the whole “my mind is going in a thousand different directions related to a hundred different topics” thing. We’ve been there, and it’s stressful. But wouldn’t it be nice to know what you’re going to focus on for a whole day without having to worry that an unscheduled call will completely derail you? Believe us—it’s a gift.
  2. You can handle all your administrative tasks without something falling through the cracks. We used to get overwhelmed at the idea of rounding up receipts from the last two months or finding time to go over our analytics when we had time. There would be so much built up to go through that each one was a monumental task. Now we know that each item on our list will take us a half hour or less because we’re totally on top of them.
  3. You can work on your own content. It’s no secret that a business needs to keep producing new and interesting ways to get their ideal client’s attention, but finding the time to create that content can be tricky. When you set aside a morning or afternoon that’s strictly dedicated to doing just that, it can completely change how your business grows and creates.
  4. You can give yourself a break. We know how limiting and restrictive it can be to always be available for clients or always have your phone on. When you set aside a day that’s all about you, you can put an auto-responder up on your email account and turn your phone on airplane mode. Disconnecting from your business (and wearing sweats all day) can be a real treat, even if you are still working.

How To Do It

So how do you get the most out of a business housekeeping day? It’s pretty simple, actually.

Pick one day of the week to focus entirely on your own business. Mondays are good because you can set yourself up for success during the rest of the week. Wednesdays are a good option too, because you can take a mid-week break from the craziness and plan for finishing the week out strong. Fridays are also a good choice because you can review the week you’ve had and plan out the next week.

Whichever day you choose, use it only for biz stuff. Don’t schedule any client calls, don’t work on client projects, and don’t get distracted. Do the things you need to do in order to make sure your business is running smoothly.

And then when you finish, take the rest of the day off!