So today is my birthday, and following the mid-west custom of giving others treats on your special day (which I’m told is very weird to people who come from other parts of the country), I have something for you!

Totally free, downloadable right now!

Since I love my Insta peeps, these are specifically for you: 4 motivational or inspiring quote graphics (in PNG format) that you can place over any background you want! They come in two fonts, and black + white. I wanted to make sure you could make them work with almost any branding! Because I <3 you!

The rules for using these? No need to tag me, no need to say where you got them. Just don’t give em away to other peeps, if you please (that’s not cool, bruh)! If they want them, they can come and get em’ 🙂

So Happy Birthday to me, and to YOU!

Download the pack here!