We know reaching out to a new design studio can be a stressful process. To battle that fear, we’re outlining EXACTLY what you can expect from The Girl Brand’s on-boarding process when you reach out to us about your project.

Contact us via our inquiry form

We use Dubsado to manage all of our client interactions, so that means as soon as you fill out our form, you’ll get an email from us with everything you need. Even if it’s the middle of our REM cycle.

Get our Intro Packet

That email will have a quick greeting, as well as a link to our Intro Packet. Inside the packet, we talk about:

  • Our client philosophy—what our goals are for providing top-notch value to every one of our clients
  • Our design process—outlined step-by-step so you can see what we tackle through every phase of your project
  • Our packages—because only you can decide what your brand really needs
  • Our pricing—so there’s no confusion about the investment you’re making

Schedule a Consultation Call

The packet (and the email) will contain a link for you to set up a client consultation call with us. We LOVE doing consultation calls because we think it’s super important to get to know each other. Who wants to work with a designer they can’t laugh with and call by their first name?

Likewise, we like to work with people who want to connect and build a relationship throughout the process, and hope you do too. It results in better designs, and a better overall experience for you.

Identify your perfect package

Whether it’s one of the packages we offer, or a package custom-built to meet your exact needs, it’s up to you to decide what you’re ready to invest in. We’re happy to discuss all your options and help you make a decision, but we don’t believe in trying to sell you something you don’t want or need.

Sign the contract + make a deposit

We’ll send you a contract to look over and sign; we then require a deposit in order to hold your start date. The amount of the deposit depends on the scope and size of your project, but we’re always willing to work with our clients to make it as easy on their bank accounts as possible.

Start your project

We take on new projects on a rolling schedule. This means we start a new project when another finishes (although we work on more than one project at a time). We work this way because we’ve discovered that trying to fit every project into the same 4–6 week timeline isn’t realistic for our clients.

Some projects are more involved than others, and we feel it’s our duty to give each project exactly the amount of time it deserves instead of trying to force it into a set schedule. To be clear, though, we still implement deadlines and set a launch date so you’ll be able to plan ahead and meet your launch goals.


A smooth on-boarding process is a necessity in any business, and we’ve worked hard to iron out every detail of ours so you can have a seamless and stress-less start to your branding or website project.