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branding process

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Branding your business is one of the most important things you’ll ever do for it. That’s why we won’t rush through this process. A typical branding takes 3–4 weeks, depending on your ability to clearly express your needs and opinions.


Perhaps the most important step in the whole branding process is the homework you’ll complete before we get started. This homework comes in the form of a questionnaire that will help you dig deep into the meaning behind your brand, the clientele you’ll target, and what you’ve envisioned up to this point. You’ll also complete an inspirational Pinterest board containing all the things you love and perceive as part of your brand aesthetic.


During phase one, we’ll create the perfect moodboard to represent your brand. This will ensure that we are on the same visual wavelength throughout the whole process. It’s incredibly important to nail this, as it sets the tone for your whole brand (and website, too).


Once you’ve approved the moodboard, it’s time to sit back and let us do our thing. We’ll brainstorm, sketch, refine, tweak, and perfect a unique logo + brand for your business.


At the start of phase three, we’ll present your new brand to you. Then, we’ll go through feedback and revisions, until you have the brand of your dreams.

website process

Your website should be an extension of your brand, representing you and the fabulous work you do while convincing potential clients that you’re exactly the person they’re looking to hire. Using a combination of our design and strategy skills, we can build that for you, in 2–4 weeks.


Just like with the branding process, the website starts with your homework before we ever begin. You’ll fill out a questionnaire to provide us with all the details of your project, and also be assigned deadlines for getting your content and images to us.


For the phase of your web project, we’ll be hard at work designing mockups for your new website. As soon as we’re satisfied with them, we’ll send them to you for review + approval. Depending on your reaction, we’ll go back for edits, or move on to the development stage.


Upon approval of your mockups, we’ll jump straight into the development portion of your website. During this time, you’ll be putting your launch plan into action (we’ll provide you with some ideas).


Once your website is fully developed, we’ll do a round of reviews + revisions so you’re completely in love with every aspect of your website, and then it’ll be time to go live. We’ll get your new website up on your domain, and we’ll throw the party of the year (in our heads).

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