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The Girl Brand is all about helping creative female business owners uplift their brand and website design into an experience. One that will have your ideal clients pining to work with you.

Whether you need a new brand identity, a website, or both, we'll help transform your business with a crystal-clear message and visual style that will make your clients feel your passion and expertise from the first impression.

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website design

Website Design Services Website Design Services. Website Design Services.

Your website is one of the most important pieces of marketing for your brand, and you need it to be at its best in order to dazzle your customers. Together, we'll transform your website into your number one sales tactic, making sure it delights with the design as well as drawing your clients clearly towards your goals.

With a focus on both functionality and style, we'll build your website into a platform you and your clients will both be impressed by. One that shares your brand message and fits your brand experience just as clearly as a print piece would.

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brand design

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The decision to have your brand professionally designed is a big one, but in our opinion, there's no better choice. When you hire us to develop your brand, you'll find that we invest ourselves in your brand like it's our own.

Our number one goal is to help you master your brand essence so you can attract and convert higher-quality clients who understand your value, trust in your services, and don't try to bargain. Your brand should represent everything you and your business stand for, which means we'll dig deep into your Why and use it as the foundation of everything we create for you.

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Other Services

Here at The Girl Brand, we know business is about more than just your brand + website. That's why, despite those being our main services, we want to help you with other things as well. While building our business from the ground up, we discovered a passion and talent for a few things we now offer as additional services:

blog strategy
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When we realized we were capable of building a blog strategy for ourselves more than a year in advance, we decided to test it on our friends, too.

They were so impressed, we decided to add Blog Strategy to our services list. Of course, we created a lot of other helpful stuff to go along with it.

funnel building
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Creating a decent funnel to get people on your email list and thinking about your services can be a daunting task. But we kind of love it. So, now we'll do it for you.

We've added funnel building to our services list, which comes with a whole pile of awesome stuff. Need help with your funnels?

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