Your funnel is the path between a customer's awareness of your service and their decision to purchase.

Whenever you have a product or service that costs more than $100, you should build a funnel for it. The length of that funnel depends on how hard it is to convince your audience that your stuff is worth it.

When you provide a lot of value to your audience and they trust you because of it, they're more willing to pay for your products or services. However, if they're new to your corner of the internet and don't know anything about you, they need some convincing.

A really well-developed funnel consists of a variety of parts: the content that informs people of their need for your service, the hook to get them interested and onto your email list, the series of emails that lead them down the road to trust, and finally, the sales pitch.

Such an elaborate process can be hard and time-consuming to navigate. Especially if you've never done it before.

We can help you there.

The Girl Brand's Funnel Building service is built to help you save time developing your funnels. Because you have other things to spend your time on.

We'll put our heads together and design the perfect roadmap for your customers, starting at your blog and ending at your sales pageā€”plus everything in between. We'll even help you develop an awesome opt-in incentive to get people into your funnel.

You tell us which product or service you need a funnel for, and we'll give you an outline detailing every touchpoint, hook, email, and sales pitch.

The only thing you'll have left to do is turn it into your own voice. And once you're done, we'll go through and do a final review to make sure it works cohesively.

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what's included:

  • Funnel map + content outline for your blog, opt-in incentive, email sequence, and sales pitch
  • Professional design of your opt-in incentive
  • Final review and editing of your finished funnel
  • Two one-hour strategy sessions; session 1 is for identifying needs, brainstorming, and planning, which session 2 is for presenting your outline and giving instruction on next steps

When we're all done, you'll have a funnel that entices customers to purchase your service better than social media or blogging ever could. And you won't have spent months trying to figure it out for yourself.

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