I have a sweet and pretty brand launch for you today!

It’s for Joana from SF Floral Studio, who was the winner of The Girl Brand’s own website launch party giveaway.

We were offering up a brand identity package or a blog strategy session, and since she’s relatively new to the floral design industry, Joana wisely chose to get her business’ brand in tip top shape before the holidays.

This was an incredibly fun project for us, as Joana has a minimalistic + romantic style. We got to play with lots of fonts, simple lines, and gorgeous soft colors.

The Moodboard

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve probably seen us gushing over this moodboard. Quite simply, we’re in love.

The beautiful pastel colors, sweet and romantic flowers, and lovely brick elements give off a clean, modern, and lovely vibe that makes us want to live in a floral shop with ivy vines climbing the sides of it. Can you say dreamland?

SF Floral Studio Brand Identity Moodboard

The Logo + Color Scheme

To match SF Floral Studio’s simple + minimalistic style, we wanted to use beautiful and clean sans-serifs and sweet handdrawn scripts as the star of the show. Then, during the design process, we discovered that Joana has a preference for logos enclosed in circles or squares (which is fine by us, because they’re beautifully self-contained like that). These two conditions led to the lovely, feminine logo you see below.

The colors for her brand are pulled directly from the moodboard we’re so in love with, which is sheer perfection in our books (Ahem — we’re a little biased). Interestingly, though, Joana has let slip that she’s so in love with the light pink tint and pseudo black chosen for her logo that she’ll probably use those for the majority of her brand. We’ll allow it.

SF Floral Studio Brand Identity Logo

The Submarks

In keeping with the minimalistic style of the brand, SF Floral Studio’s submarks are not much different than the main logo. The only real differences are the amount of information included with the mark itself.

A major benefit to this is that the brand will be easily recognizable, whether you’re seeing the primary logo or submark. Win.

SF Floral Studio Brand Identity Submarks

The Collateral

Joana is a big fan of the postcard look for business cards, and she uses stickers to tag the vases and vessels her customers borrow or rent, so we got to have a little fun with her collateral.

SF Floral Studio Brand Identity Business Cards

SF Floral Studio Brand Identity Stickers

We’re so happy to bring Joana and SF Floral Studio into The Girl Brand family, and absolutely can’t wait to see her business grow. If you’re in San Francisco, I hope you’ll consider her for your next floral order.

And if you’re on Instagram, please give her a follow: @sffloralstudio. She’s absolutely the sweetest!