We are so thrilled to be announcing the launch of the brand and website for an incredibly inspiring woman: Shamonda Dunton.

Shamonda is a faith-based playwright-turned-author, and she just released her first book about remaining faithful throughout the struggles of trying to get pregnant. Hers is a story so many women can relate to, and we were absolutely honored to be part of her journey in getting the book out there.

So, without further ado, we’re going to show off her new brand and website.

The Moodboard

We don’t start any project without a gorgeous moodboard to get us inspired, and this one was no exception.

Focusing in on Shamonda’s faith and her hopes of motherhood (with a little of her wildly creative side thrown in), we pulled some gorgeous light and dark images that represented her and fit together so well, it’s like they were made for each other.

Shamonda Dunton Mood Board

The Logo + Color Scheme

Shamonda’s main logo is a beautifully simple thing that she’ll be able to use anywhere—for anything. And that was the point. As an author, her name is the most important part of her brand, so we opted against using any illustrative elements to represent her.

The color scheme was pulled directly from the moodboard (since it worked out so perfectly), and it translated beautifully to every aspect of her brand and website beyond.

Shamonda Dunton Primary Logo and Color Scheme

The Submarks

The submarks for Shamonda’s brand feature her initials, which is important for an author brand. One includes her full name in small type around it, and one is only the letters, which can double as a brand signature.

Shamonda Dunton Submark Designs

The Collateral

Shamonda needed a full setup for her new brand, so we got to play with all sorts of options in the marketing collateral department. In the end, we decided to go with the basics to get her started—and will hopefully revisit some additional pieces in the future.

Shamonda Dunton Business Card Design

Shamonda Dunton Pinterest Graphics

Shamonda Dunton Postcard Design


The Imagery

While we were busy finding photos for Shamonda’s website, we collected additional photos she could use on social media, in her blog posts, or anywhere else she might need them. We put together a collection of high-quality images she would have easy access to so she wouldn’t have to spend hours of her time trying to find the perfect photo.

Shamonda Dunton Brand Imagery

The Website Design

Shamonda’s website was a special case for us. Since she mainly needed a landing page for her book launch, we custom-built it. But the rest of her website is based on a Genesis theme template that we uploaded for her and added her content to. It was a great combination for her website so she could get everything she needed and still maintain her budget.

Shamonda Dunton Website Design

Shamonda Dunton Landing Page Website Design

We’d love for you to go check out her website, and follow her over on Instagram. And please, show her some love, because she is the absolute SWEETEST person EVA’!