To Blog or Not?

Starting a blog for your company can seem like an impossible task. Occasionally it even feels that way after you’ve started it. Sometimes I sit down to write a blog post and think: why did I do this to myself? I stare and stare at the screen like I’ve never written before. It becomes impossible to get past one thought: being a blogger.

I’m not a blogger, I’m a designer. That’s my trade. It’s what I like to do. Sure, I can write in a pinch, but is it really what I want to spend my days doing? Hellllll no, but.

There’s always a but, isn’t there?

A blog can be an incredible marketing tool for your brand. If you offer services or sell a product in a specific niche, and you’re struggling to get people to visit your website, writing that blog can help bring in the traffic. Which roughly translates to: Show Me The Money! Now obviously you can’t just write about whatever pops into your head. You have to write about something that relates to your service or product in some way.

THAT is the thing that makes me stare at my computer screen while contemplating becoming a simple farmer. (I could see myself doing that: waking up everyday and taking care of the animals and planting crops…maybe not the most glamorous life, but a fulfilling one.) And yet, here I am. Writing a blog post.

And helping you figure out if you should start writing one too.

When is a blog a good option?

I’m going to tell you how I decided whether to start a blog, because maybe it’ll help you figure out your answer. It was really simple. I asked myself these three questions:

  1. Is my service something that I know a ton about? Could I take what I know and teach someone else how to do it if I had to?
  2. Could I see myself committing to sitting down and writing about my services on a regular basis? Not just once or twice a year, but weekly?
  3. Could I list 20 different topics to write about in 10 minutes?

These questions should be simple for you to answer, and if the answer to all of them is yes, you should consider a blog.

Here’s the thing: if you’re really passionate about your service or product, you should be able to talk about it until you’re blue in the face. I don’t mean just repeating the same information about it over and over (that’s not a discussion, it’s a sales pitch; and a sales pitch makes for a boring blog). I mean actually writing about the nitty & gritty topics that are both directly and indirectly related to your topic.

For example: The Girl Brand. I offer branding and web design services. That doesn’t mean I only write about branding and design. I also write about blogging, marketing, web development, business, education, and countless other topics as they relate to branding and design.

If you can come up with 20 topics to write about without thinking too hard, can commit to putting in the time and effort to do it, and know your stuff, you should consider adding a blog to your marketing repertoire. But.

Seriously, AGAIN with the BUT?

Yes! Because there’s another thing to consider.

Can you write?

You could have answered yes to all three of those questions, but still have a major road block in your way. Let’s face it: some people just aren’t good at writing!

There’s no shame in that. Some of the smartest and most successful businesswomen I know can’t write an email without sounding stiff and awkward. That’s ok! You don’t have to write a blog just because you could. It’s perfectly acceptable to take your time and effort and put it into something more worthwhile. Hell, sometimes I consider doing just that.

However, if you’ve read all this and are still considering starting a blog for your company, even though you can’t write out a grocery list, you still have options.

There are professional freelance writers everywhere. Seriously. I know some great writers who make a living by writing guest posts and/or ghost writing blogs for different companies. If you do your research, you can find some amazing writers who’ll research the topic and write the post or article as if they were you. And there are some awesome results from using this method. If you go this route, make sure you ask to see some writing samples, and that their tone fits with your brand.

Instead of finding a professional freelancer to write for you, you could use a site like Fiverr or Upwork. You can search for and find inexperienced freelancers who will write your posts for cheap. Just remember, you get what you pay for. If you go with one of the cheaper services in order to save some money, you’re going to end up with less engaging content. If you have boring posts, you could end up paying more in the long run to have a professional freelance writer re-write your posts to draw potential customers in.

I’m telling you, starting a blog for your company is not a bad option to help bring customers in. It can definitely increase your tribe of followers, and make you more money. What you do with it from there is up to you, but may I just say, Good Luck! 🙂