Branding can be a very confusing topic, which is why we feel it’s critical to answer the question What is Branding?

It’s not just about having a pretty logo and color palette—in fact, the visual aspect of your brand is only the icing on the cake, so to speak. Branding is more about the ingredients of that cake, and how they work together to create a tasty and cohesive representation of your business.

What is branding?

  1. A strategy for connecting with your ideal client. Above and beyond anything else is this single goal: your ideal client should look at, read about, or interact with your brand and immediately feel like it’s something they need more of. Every element should speak to their way of life, hopes, fears, and goals.
  2. The way you set yourself apart from your competition. Chances are there’s another company out there that does what you do. You need to make sure your business stands apart from them in every way possible so your ideal client has no question in their mind that you’re the best one to solve their problems or fulfill their needs.
  3. A representation of what you can offer your clients. Great brands become synonymous with a specific value they provide: good service, high quality, amazing design, etc. Every aspect, angle, and touch-point of your brand should reinforce the quality and value only you can provide.
  4. How you’re remembered when you’re not around. Your brand should stick in the minds of your ideal client so that when they leave your store or close your website, they’ll remember exactly what you’re great at. This leads to them recommending you to their friends and family when asked where they should go to buy what you offer.
  5. A portrayal of the purpose behind your brand. Every brand has a purpose, whether big or small, and it should always be to serve their client in the best way possible. You need to identify your purpose and use it as a foundation for your brand’s strategy so every element of your brand relates back to it and shares your story.
  6. The visual aspects that reinforce everything else. When your brand design speaks the same story to your ideal clients consistently about your value and purpose, those clients begin to trust that they’ll always receive the same quality commitment and care they see you putting into everything you do. Consistent visual design helps them remember everything you stand for, and that’s how brands evolve into household names.

A brand can only truly do well when everything on this list is accounted for. That’s why we work with clients to identify each step before ever touching the visual design. Because a true branding design is only as strong as the intention behind it.