It’s no secret that WordPress can be tricky to master. It’s also no secret that not all WordPress websites are created equal. That’s why we wanted to show you how our WordPress websites save you time and money from day one—and how they differ from most other WP designers’.

In the past couple years, we’ve worked with quite a few clients on a retainer basis. Meaning we’ve come in after their websites were already built and helped them make the changes they couldn’t figure out how to do on their own. What we’ve noticed is many of these sites are incredibly complicated in their setup. And not easy to figure out, even for us experts.

It’s for that exact reason we began building WordPress websites in the way we do—so our clients would have no struggles in taking over when our part was finished. And that’s become a sort of contest around here: how can we make it even simpler for our clients? And cheaper? And faster? And….we could go on.

Instead, we’ll just get to the point.

How our WordPress websites save you time and money

1) You don’t have to dig all over to change a paragraph or image.

One thing we hate about WordPress is how hard it can be to add custom content that looks good without a bunch of plugins that slow your site down. So, we discovered a way to make it so all your content is controlled on that page’s editor. No jumping from the customizer to the editor, then over to widgets. Nope, nope, nope.

All content. All images. One place.

On the very rare occasion that’s not the case—we provide video tutorials for you so you never have to rely on us to get things done.

Which brings us to point number two.

2) You don’t need to pay us to make changes for you.

A lot of our retainer clients are those who worked with a designer who went out of business, so they needed someone new to come in and take over. They pay us to do things like change an image, update copy on their pages, and fix their menu items to sport their new pages. And we’re grateful for that work. But we also don’t want to force our clients into that same situation.

We truly believe everyone who invests in a website with us should be able to go forward without being trapped into continuing to pay us if they want to make some slight changes.

3) All the hefty plugins you need for a website? They come included.

We’re talking about the big guns. The safety and security stuff. The ones you absolutely can’t go without—which are also the ones that cost the most. The security and backup plugins we provide for our clients cost $80 per year. Each.

They’re so important they can’t be skipped, so we invested in them early. And now our clients get them for free—forever.

4) We set up everything you need so you don’t have to.

Launch day should be fun and exciting for you. Not a time for you to start learning how your site works so you can finish the last couple things you need.

We make sure every plugin is customized for your settings, and submit everything you need for SEO rankings. Why wouldn’t we, when it probably takes us half the time (if not less) than it would for you?

On top of that, we provide video tutorials and walk-through guides on all the cool features, as well any confusing ones. You’ll never not be prepared to take control of your online home.

5) We block spam commenters so you can rest easy.

All websites get spam comments. Some of them are trying to get you to click on corrupted links, and some are just trying to get more backlinks to their own sites. Either way, they’re obnoxious.

Fortunately, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves that let you organically block the majority of spammers from leaving comments—meaning you don’t have to pay for a plugin that does it for you, and you don’t have to sit and weed through dozens of annoying comments to get to the real ones.

To put it in perspective for you: we’ve seen websites get 200+ spam comments a week. Our website has gotten 1 in the last two months. And we don’t pay for any plugins to block them.

We got your back.


And there you have it. Five ways our WP websites save you time and money. Because when you’re running a business, you don’t have time to spare—and money is the last thing you want to waste.

Want to chat about what we can do for your business? Reach out to us here!